Are you a Beginner Traveler? Here Are Some Tourist Attractions For You

Holaa, traveling lovers, on this occasion the admin will share several tourist attractions that are suitable for entry into your traveling list, beginners. Of course we as citizens of Indonesia should be proud to have a country that is full of natural wealth and has many places whose beauty is not inferior to places in other countries. The state of Indonesia is located on the equator, which makes Indonesia rich in resources and a country that has the longest coastline in the world, besides that cultural diversity is also one of the driving forces for the beauty of this red and white country.

For you beginner travelers, it is really a very good decision if you want to become a traveler, because at your relatively young age, you can enjoy the beauty of this great Indonesia, you don’t need to go far to enjoy it, the admin will provide several tourist attractions for you. selection and is certainly suitable for beginners.

The island of Java, which has tourist attractions, will admin peel it for your beloved travelers, of course the island of Java has a transportation system that the admin can say is complete compared to other islands. because you are a beginner traveler, the admin chose Java Island so that you can make it a lesson before traveling to the islands or places that are more difficult later.

Okay, let’s discuss it immediately, some tourist attractions that are definitely suitable for you beginner travelers.

Hutan Mangrove – Pantai Indah Kapuk – Jakarta

It turns out that not only Monas and big malls, guys, you can enjoy the beautiful mangrove forests in North Jakarta, you will be presented with beautiful mangrove forest views and a beautiful atmosphere, you only need to go to the PIK area and look for tourist attractions. natural PIK.

You only need to spend Rp. 25.000, – to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the mangrove forest, guys.

Kepulauan Seribu – Jakarta

Approximately 45 km north of Jakarta, you can see the islands that we often hear are called the Thousand Islands, which have an area of ​​107,789 ha and have 150 large and small islands making this place have a beautiful beauty. Islands that are usually used as tourist attractions include Pari Island, Pramuka Island, Ayer Island, Tidung Island and many more guys, the name is also the Thousand Islands, hehehee. But the number isn’t in the thousands.

There is a lot you can do there, such as snorkeling and lots of water sports which will surely make you forget the time. You can go to this place via 3 ports, namely Marina, Muara Angke and Kali Adem, all you have to do is adjust it to your pocket.

Desa Sawarna – Banten

A village that has extraordinary natural wealth and is able to hypnotize you not to come home, guys, you can reach it only by private vehicle, if you are from Jakarta it is only about 7 hours away, not far, guys.

The cool thing in this village is that you can take a walk to the river and beach with a distance that is not far, it will really be an unforgettable experience.

Sawarna Village also provides lodging which is located not far from residential areas, so of course you can socialize with local residents.


You are a beginner traveler, you definitely want to go to Bali right? this one place is not inferior to the beaches in Bali, you know. Those of you who are in Jakarta and Bandung can reach it with only 6 hours of travel, guys, Pangandaran is one of the beaches that has been known to many tourists, no wonder if you will go there many tourists.

The facilities are complete, guys, you don’t have to worry about where to sleep and eat what, hotels and restaurants are already available there, your cellphone signal will not be lost when you are in Pangandaran and there are many places you can visit to complement your traveling.

How can you eagerly want to travel right? Just go ahead, bro, hehehe .. don’t forget to prepare everything you need before traveling, read this admin article to help you new travelers. Happy vacation, guys.

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