Foreign Tourism You Must Visit

Holaa Dear traveling lovers, after yesterday the admin discussed tourist attractions in Indonesia that you can visit without going abroad, this time the admin will discuss tourist attractions where if you have connected and have enough money, you can go to perfect your hobby. as a traveler.

Next the admin will share these tourist attractions and of course you won’t lose if you fly to these tourist attractions, surely you will be amazed and don’t want to go home again.

• Tokyo

First we go to Tokyo, a place that is still located on the Asian continent is the favorite choice to be a traveling object for many people, having cities, culture, tourist attractions, interesting resident characters and enchanting nature makes Tokyo the most popular tourist destination. loved.

Not only that, you can find a variety of culinary tours that you certainly won’t get in Indonesia, a special taste of Tokyo that keeps you from eating out there.

There are many places that you can go to to perfect your trip to Tokyo, such as historical temples, dineyland, Mount Fuji which of course will be very charming guys.

• Seoul

Where do K-pop fans sound? a place that is one of the other traveling destinations is Seoul, even though you can’t meet your K-pop idols directly, this place will give you a charm that is not inferior to your K-pop idols, why? You will be presented with a clean slate that makes you comfortable, you can lie down on the street as clean as possible, hahaha.

Some places that you can visit when you are in Seoul are the Hopping Museum, Hongdae Area, Namsan Park and of course there are many more guys.

• Melbourne

Okay guys, we are going a bit far, out of Asia, we are heading to the continent of Australia, our next destination is Melbourne, of course you have heard of a city that is famous through this sport right, it turns out that there are many places you can visit when you are in Melbourne , such as the Royal Botanic Garden, Luna Park, Melbourne Zoo and of course many more.

This well-ordered city will give you comfort and of course you will be lazy to go home, guys.

• Maldives

Okay, after our land tour, we go to sea or beach tours, beach lovers must often hear the word Maldives, right? This place has a beautiful beach that can’t be denied, guys.

Maldives is located in the Maldives archipelago, this quiet and beautiful island will give you an unforgettable beach experience, especially if you go there with your partner, this place is a very romantic place, guys.

There are also several places that you can visit if you are on the island, for example Vaadhoo Island, Cocoa Island, Sand Bank, Male Island and of course many more guys.

• Phuket

Not far from the beach, guys, our tour this time is headed for Phuket, do you know where Phuket is? This beautiful beach location is in Thailand guys. This place which is famous for its beautiful men is our next destination.

Famous for its exotic beaches, Phuket has become crowded with foreign tourists, not only that you can also visit other famous tourist attractions in Phuket, such as Surin Beach, James Bond Island, Phuket Weekend Night Market and of course many more.

• Singapore

We are back again to this neighbor near Indonesia, Singapore is our last destination today, guys. This country which is famous for its cleanliness has a myriad of tourist attractions, such as Mariana Bay Sands, Esplanade, Unversal Studio, Orchard Road and many more, of course.

Are you ready to go yet, bro? We cus yuuu. So much input from the admin for foreign tourist attractions that you must visit, have a nice vacation, guys, hopefully this is useful and thank you.

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