Interesting Tourist Places in Bali Part 1

Holaa, traveling lovers in the universe, on this occasion the admin will explain the tourist attractions in Bali that you need to visit to make your vacation even more perfect. Bali is one of the many provinces in Indonesia that is the most popular destination for lovers of traveling at home and abroad for a vacation, it’s no wonder that Bali gives you many beautiful beaches for you to enjoy, but you need to know, besides its beautiful beaches. Bali has a lot of places for other trips, guys.

The following admin will leak to you traveling lovers so that your vacation to Bali will be more perfect and you will not run out of tourist destinations when in Bali. But the admin will bet you won’t be able to go to all the tourist spots that admin will share, because you will be hypnotized when you are somewhere in Bali, you will feel so comfortable that you don’t want to go, right? unquestionable natural beauty.

Okay, the admin will tell you what destinations you can go to when you are in Bali to perfect your adventure.

The Keranjang Bali                                                               

Located in the Kuta area, The Basket Bali will spoil you with various kinds of Balinese arts and customs and lots of places to take pictures which are certainly very instagramable, guys, you can also take pictures using traditional Balinese clothes which will certainly make a beautiful memory for you to remember.

It can be said that this location is a new tourist location which is located on 2 main roads, Kuta highway and Ngurah Rai By Pass road. The distance from the airport is also quite close, only 5 minutes from the airport you can reach it.

You can also look for Balinese souvenirs here, allowing you to look for souvenirs before going home.

Bukit Campuhan

This place that is starting to become famous on social media is not widely known, guys, because its location is somewhat hidden, causing this location to be very natural and certainly has a preserved beauty.

On Campuhan Hill, there are many things you can do, such as trekking, jogging and definitely taking pictures, guys, it won’t be complete if you don’t take pictures in this place. Having the nickname Bukit Cinta Campuhan, this place is very romantic to be enjoyed by couples who are hit by love guys.

Pantai Pandawa

A beach that will spoil you with white sand with a very exotic and certainly enchanting view, this place in Kutah village has a sloping, very clean beach and a large beach for you to enjoy with your family or your partner.

You can do several activities to enjoy such as playing canoeing, swimming or you can see the statue of 5 Pandawa knights, and many more that you can enjoy on this Pandawa Beach. Don’t forget to include it in your list of goals.

Bali Waterboom

3 years in a row getting the best waterpark award in Asia and the second best waterpark in the world, Waterboom Bali is the next destination you need to go to because it provides several games that stimulate andrenaline and certainly have extraordinary views of the tropical atmosphere contained in Waterboom Bali. You will definitely be fascinated and don’t want to go home when you are at Waterboom Bali, guys, prove it yourself if you don’t believe it.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

If you are looking for cultural tourism, this place is perfect for you to visit because at GWK you can find art towers which of course give you Balinese art and dance performances, guys, you will get to know Balinese culture more in this place.

Not only that, guys, you will also find a giant Garuda statue by I Nyoman Nuarta which has a beauty that is no less beautiful than other tours in Bali.

How about guys, already curious? There are still many tourist destinations that admin will share, keep up with the articles that admin will give, guys.

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