Interesting Tourist Places in Bali Part 2

As promised by the admin, this article is a continuation that will make your vacation in Bali even more perfect and it will not be missed, guys. the next place is:

Pantai Kuta

Surely you often hear it, right? yep, Kuta beach is the main destination when we are in Bali, this beach which is filled with local and foreign tourists is already very famous for its beauty and is one of the most exotic beaches in Bali. For those of you who want to visit this exotic beach, you won’t be asked to pay guys, this beach is open to the public, you can enjoy the scenery, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, surf and many games that increase your adrenaline and of course the admin guarantees you won’t disappointed when you come to Kuta beach.

• Pura Besakih

If you want to get a tourist spot with a high religious level, Puara Besakih can be the right choice, being the center of all temples on the island of Bali, this temple is on the highest mountain in Bali, guys, you can find 18 temples when you are there. , you can, see Mount Agung as the background when you are in Besakih Temple, guys, admin promises the beauty that you can feel when you are in Besakih Temple, of course you have to dress modestly because this place is very holy. The age of this temple is also very old, that is, it was built since 1007 AD, guys and is a World heritage that is sure to be protected.

• Bali Bird Park

It is the largest bird park in Indonesia, Bali Bird Par is located in an area of ​​2 hectares, where you can find at least 1,000 animals and 250 types of birds, guys, you don’t want to spend all day playing this, guys, hehehe.

This tourist spot will also spoil you with a 4D theater that has no doubt about the sensation.

• Bali safari and Marine Park

As a breeding place for most endangered animals, the Bali safari park is very interesting for you to visit and increase your knowledge about animals found in Indonesia, of course, guys. You can experience the experience of safari in the Modern Bali area then head to the ancient Bali area, which of course you will be given education about myths, history, philosophy and others which will add to your knowledge of nature, guys.

Having approximately 400 animals that you can see at Bali Safari and Marine Park, will definitely make you amazed to see the natural beauty, guys.

Pantai Sanur

Located in the capital city of Bali, namely Denpasar, Sanur Beach becomes very special at the time of the sunrise, this beach is open indefinitely, guys, you can come to it anytime. This beach has a price for entry, it’s fairly cheap, you don’t need to panic. Become one option that you can add to the list again, guys.

Pantai Uluwatu

Another beach that is certainly beautiful for you to visit is Uluwatu Beach, but to be able to enjoy this beach you are required to go down a few narrow steps to reach the beach, of course it takes effort to reach a beautiful beach and you will immediately get rid of fatigue. when you see the beauty of the beach.

Monkey Forest Ubud

This place allows you to interact with the monkeys in the park, which are residents of this tourist area. These monkeys are considered sacred and shouldn’t be disturbed, guys, you can feel the atmosphere that you don’t get anywhere, namely one with nature, guys. admin advises that you don’t bring flashy accessories if you want to visit this tourist spot, avoid the monkeys that can take your belongings guys. the entry fee is also cheap, around Rp. 30,000, – just guys.

It turns out that there are still many tourist attractions in Bali, the admin will make part 3 or even part 4 to be able to give you more information guys. thank you for reading, have a nice vacation

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