Tourist attractions in Indonesia that go global Part 1

Holaa, all traveling lovers, have you visited all the tourist attractions in our beloved country? which of course has a natural beauty second to none. If not all of you have visited tourist attractions in this country, surely you will lose, guys. Indonesia has many tourist attractions that are very beautiful and certainly a destination for everyone to be able to enjoy its natural beauty, it is evident that many tourists come to enjoy it, when we, the original inhabitants, lose.

Here the admin will provide several tourist locations in Indonesia that are global, guys, you can make it a destination for your next traveling trip, and admin make sure you have nothing to lose if you visit these places.

Danau Toba – Sumatera Utara

Have you ever visited the second largest lake in the world? Yup Lake Toba is the second largest lake in the world after Lake Victoria guys. Lake Toba has extraordinary beauty and is the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia guys.

Having an area of ​​1,145 square kilometers, this wide and beautiful lake has an island in the middle, Samosir Island, which is almost the same area as Singapore, is in the middle of Lake Toba, can you imagine how magnificent this lake is right? In addition to being the second largest lake in the world, Lake Toba is one of the deepest lakes in the world, how deep is Lake Toba? does anyone know? Yup, the depth of Lake Toba is approximately 450 meters, guys.

It will further complement your traveling goals when visiting this amazingly beautiful lake, guys.

Nusa Penida – Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali? Surely you traveling lovers have already visited this island which has beautiful and exotic views.

This beautiful island is the main destination for tourists for traveling, guys, if you have been there, of course you often encounter lots of tourists, right, it is undeniable that this island of Bali can spoil you traveling lovers, but have you ever visited Nusa Penida ? If you haven’t had the time to come while you are in Bali, you will find a beautiful place that is not playing, a very exotic beach, you can do your snorkeling hobby there, guys.

This beautiful place is usually used as an object for photo shoots and of course the results given will be very beautiful, guys.

Taman Laut Bunaken – Sulawesi Utara

For traveling lovers and connoisseurs of underwater beauty, this place will make you feel underwater paradise, of course you will not be disappointed, guys.

Located in Manado Bay, Bunaken Marine Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that offers extraordinary underwater beauty and of course cannot be found in any other country in the world.

In this Bunaken Marine Park, you will be presented with 13 types of beautiful coral reefs and 91 types of fish which are sure to complement the beautiful underwater scenery in Bunaken Marine Park. 50 meters which has incomparable beauty, guys.

It is undeniable that there are so many tourists who love the underwater world who visit this place, which has 20 dive points that will definitely hypnotize you to always enjoy the beautiful views that will be given.

Make sure you enter Bunaken Marine Park into your traveling destination, guys, don’t miss the most beautiful tourist spots in this country.

How about traveling lovers? Have you got an overview for your next traveling destination? There is still a lot that admin will share with you traveling lovers, so keep updating the articles that the admin will provide next. Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope this article makes it easier for you to choose your next traveling destination, enjoy the beautiful scenery that is in Indonesia, this beloved country.

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