Tourist attractions in Indonesia that go global Part 2

Holaa, traveling lovers, how are you curious about the continuation of the article that the admin gave yesterday? Tourist Attractions in Indonesia that are Global Part 1, Of course there are still a lot of places in Indonesia that you need to go to to make your traveling list even more perfect. Okay, keep the admin’s promise yesterday, just go ahead and explain the global tourist attractions in Indonesia part 2, check it out guys

• Wakatobi – Sulawesi Tenggara

It turns out that besides the Bunaken marine park, there is underwater beauty that is no less beautiful, guys, yep Wakatobi National Park is an option that you can make a complement when you are in Sulawesi guys.

It turns out that Sulawesi has amazing underwater beauty, guys, you can see many types of coral and fish when you come to Sulawesi.

Having an area of ​​13,900 km2, Wakatobi National Park has approximately 112 types of coral reefs and many types of fish which of course make you not want to go ashore anymore. The underwater beauty that certainly hypnotizes you to become a princess or a mermaid, hehehe.

Many travelers call Wakatobi a diver’s paradise, no wonder this place is known all over the earth.

• Kepulauan Raja Ampat – Papua Barat

The next heaven for traveling is the Raja Ampat islands, located in West Papua, making place one as the place that has the most complete marine wealth on earth, guys.

The name Raja Ampat is obtained from 4 beautiful islands that look like paintings when viewed from above, the 4 islands include Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool, of course these names have mythical values ​​from residents around the Raja Ampat islands, guys, if the admin explains here does not seem exciting, come and ask the local people so that you can understand more about its origin, guys.

Do you know that the size of this one paradise reaches 4.6 million hectares which includes land and sea, of course you can find 540 kinds of corals, 1,511 types of fish and no less interesting you will find 700 types of mollusks guys.

Of course, one thing you can’t forget when you come to heaven is this one, guys.

• Gunung Bromo – Jawa Timur

For you hiking lovers, of course, you often hear about the beauty of Mount Bromo, which is located in East Java, right, it’s not complete if you hiking lovers haven’t visited this one mountain.

One of the things that you can enjoy is riding a horse for sightseeing and there is a car rental which of course will allow you to enjoy going around the mountain.

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia, you will find the charm of the desert that stretches out, of course it is very exotic to visit, which is no less enchanting is the view of the sunrise and sunset that is presented from the top of this one mountain.

This one tourist attraction is a destination for many foreign tourists who come to Indonesia, guys.

• Pulau Komodo – Nusa Tenggara Timur

For reptile lovers, what you can find on this island is a giant reptile that can run fast to chase prey. Komodo Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in a row of attractive tourist attractions and the most targeted by many tourists.

Besides you can observe hundreds of Komodo dragons that breed on the island, you can also enjoy the natural panorama which is certainly no less stunning guys.

This island has only 7 beaches around the world, Pink Beach is a tourist spot that you can find on Komodo Island, don’t miss it guys, you lose if you don’t come to the pink sandy beach. How? have you entered these places into your list? Of course you have. There are still some other amazing tourist attractions that the admin will give, guys, wait for an update so you don’t miss the best tourist spots in Indonesia that are no less beautiful than foreign tourist attractions.

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